Summer Intensive Virtual Program 2020
Summer Religious Education is offered to our parishioners as an alternative to the traditional once a week class format that is held September through May. Students entering First Grade through Eighth Grade are eligible to attend the program provided all previous year requirements have been fulfilled. Payment in full is required upon registration. All outstanding balances are to be paid in full prior to registration.

This year’s Summer Intensive Program will be a one (1) week virtual online faith formation program. Every student will have a text book, online access to the publisher, and Formed. Each week we will send out grade level appropriate lesson plans for the week. The students can work on the lessons at their convenience and submit the work to Religious Ed by the designated date each day/week. Please note that the Alive in Christ online program provides resources for parents. This will be extremely helpful for our younger students who will need help from a parent. The parent site is user friendly and will help you answer questions that your children will have regarding our Catholic Faith. If your child does not have online access or the necessary technology, they will be provided with modified lesson plans. Our goal is to make sure that programs are easily accessible, will engage you and your child, and can be completed within a reasonable amount of time. There will be one weekly virtual telephone conference with each class to maintain contact and to answer any questions that the students may have.

Required Registration Documentation for this year only: Upon registering, the following must be presented or registration will not be accepted. Please make copies of all documents submitted in case there are any discrepancies.

  • Homily Reflections: Eight (8) stamped Homily Reflections due upon registration as follows: One Christmas, Two Class Masses, and Five (5) any Sunday Mass.
  • Liturgical Session for: Summer Program Students must hand in documentation given out at one of the Christmas events. Any student who has not submitted the necessary documentation will not be eligible for the summer intensive program.
  • Registration Form
  • Grade level Contract
  • Summer Contract

Mandatory Participation

  • All Summer Program students and parents are required to attend a minimum of three (3) Liturgical Sessions offered at the Church of Epiphany. One (1) session for Advent/Christmas and two (2) sessions for Lent/Easter as follows:


Please keep in mind there will be no make up sessions.

  • Weekly Mass and Homily Reflections is subject to COVID-19 restrictions: Students are required to attend weekly Mass and write fourteen (14) Homily Reflections dated with a raised seal stamp beginning July 1st through Easter. Fourteen Masses: Three (3) are required to be grade Masses which are posted on the website, Christmas Mass, Easter Mass, and nine (9) Sunday Masses at Epiphany of your choosing, Subject to COVID-19 Restrictions.
  • Penance Service Subject to COVID-19 Restrictions: Students are required to attend class Penance Service during the fall/winter, which is subject to COVID-19 Restrictions.