magiThe Lord has given us so much! In turn, we are responsible for providing, out of our personal resources, money, time, and talent in support of the mission of the Church which sustains us.  The parish then exercises careful and responsible stewardship of the funds and resources in its care, so as to foster the work of the parish in evangelizing the good news of Christ, bringing Him to the needy, catechizing parishioners young and old, and providing a place of Worship and Communion for the members of the parish.

Why Should I use weekly envelopes?  The use of envelopes is important, they document your active participation in the faith life of our  parish.  This information is needed in order to obtain a Letter of Eligibility to be issued when you are asked to be a baptism or confirmation sponsor.   This also facilitates the preparation of a statement of contributions for income tax purpose.

If you do not currently participate in our envelope system and would like to start using them, please contact the Parish Office at 732-458-0220

Online Giving

If you prefer to pay bills and manage your finances online, you can set up an account and make your parish offerings online. You will be able to specify exactly how much you are giving, how you are giving it (credit card or bank withdrawal), to what fund you are giving it, and when/how often you would like to contribute. It's safe and secure, and you can even track your giving history and pledge progress at any time. Just click the Online Giving button (on the Home page or the Online Giving page) to get started or access your existing account.

If you have additional questions about the Program, review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can be found by clicking the  Online Giving link on the parish website.




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